In cooperation with approved BMAB grandmasters, we can offer you valuable and highly effective analysis, advice and most educational lessons related to your game.

It doesn’t matter if you are beginner, novice, advanced, expert or world class player, our grandmaster will give you the best possible tips according to level of your play.

All we need is your XG files, preferably from live matches, and we can do the work.

Grandmaster will explain to you in written form why a particular move is wrong and how to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Each analysed position will be like a mini-lesson where grandmaster will both explain the particular position and also whenever applicable try to offer some general guidelines/rules of thumb which should help you when you encounter similar situations again.

In agreement with you, we can do this for all major mistakes, mistakes that you will choose or mistakes that the grandmaster thinks are crucial to improve the game.


Also, as an additional offer, after at least 5 analyzed matches (preferably live matches and up to 10 matches can be sent), the grandmaster can do a deep analysis of your game, go through all of your mistakes in all matches that you send and find ‘leaks’ or situations which seem to give you most trouble and where you often go wrong. You would be sent a detailed report and explanation on those types of positions as well as advice how to improve your game and which areas are critical for your improvement.

Report will be very detailed with all key positions and general situations which Grandmaster considers important and will contain at least 20 full pages, usually up to 15-20 positions and professional tips depending on how much material there is to be found in the matches.

Grandmaster will explain in easy to understand terminology and will also be very happy to answer any follow-up questions in case there will be something unclear about the material presented.

If you are interested, contact us for more details and price informations.